Requirements for Importing Footwear Into Saudi Arabia

Technical Regulation for Shoes and Accessories

The Technical Regulation for Footwear Products, set by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), ensures the safety and quality of footwear products in the Saudi market. This regulation focuses on material quality, labelling, and environmental considerations.

Products Covered 

This regulation covers various types of footwears, including: 

  • Slippers for indoor or outdoor use 

  • High leg or semi high boots 

  • Sandals  

  • Canvas shoes, sports shoes and dance shoes 

  • Disposable shoes and shoe covers 

Certification Requirements 

The requirements depend on the exact details of the product, but in general, the following is required: 

  • Test Report: Compliance with SASO standards for footwear safety, including harmful substances and durability testing. 

  • Product Photos: Clear photo of the product and its marking labels. 

  • Data Sheets: Detailed specifications, including materials and care instructions. 

Product Classification 

Type 3 Assessment: Applies to all footwears designed for infants (under 36 months). An audit of the manufacturing facility is usually required, which XDS Solutions will arrange. 

Type 1a Assessment: Applicable to all other footwear products, requiring standard documentation for certification. 

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