SFDA Certification for Cosmetic Products Sold in Saudi Arabia

To import any form of cosmetics into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is mandatory to go through the Conformity Assessment program to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetic products. For businesses looking to expand into new markets like Saudi Arabia, following the rules set by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is crucial.

The SFDA programme ensures that the cosmetics entering into Saudi Arabia are safe for people to use. This is done through assessing the quality of the products, checking the labels meet the regulations, and most importantly the products have been tested to the correct standards set out by the SFDA.

Which products require SFDA approval?

Skin Products

  • Skin care Products

  • Skin cleansing products

  • Body hair removal product

  • Body hair bleaching product

  • Correction of body odor and/or perspiration

  • Shaving and pre- / after- shaving products

  • Make-up products

  • Perfumes

  • Sun and self-tanning products

  • Other skin products

Hair and Scalp Products

  • Hair and scalp care and cleansing products

  • Hair coloring products

  • Hair styling products

  • Hair sun protection products

Nail and cuticle products

  • Nail varnish and remover products

  • Nail care products/ products with protection layer for nail

  • Nail glue remover products

  • Other nail and cuticle products

Oral hygiene products

  • Tooth care products

  • Mouth wash / breathe spray

  • Tooth whiteners

  • Other oral hygiene products

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